Open door days

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Riga municipal company "Rīgas satiksme" organizes transportation of passengers by tram, trolleybus and bus routes, manages municipal parking-lots and rents out vehicles. Every day 700 public transport vehicles run in 81 routes, and many people work to keep them technically safe and clean. During a guided tour, you will see how public transport is repaired, washed from outside and cleaned from inside, as well as other interesting things.

"Rīgas satiksme" organises the Open door days on every second Wednesday of every month, offering Riga residents and guests to get to know the inside of our company.

During the Open door days we invite:

  • to visit trolleybus depot No. 2 at Vienības avenue 16;
  • to visit tram depot No. 5 and the Specialized repair workshops at Brīvības Street 191;
  • to visit bus depot No. 6 at Kleistu Street 28;
  • to visit bus depot No. 7 at Vestienas Street 35;
  • to get familiar with the history of Riga public transport;
  • to ask questions about Riga public transport and get answers from our specialists.

If you want to participate in the Open door days, you should know that:

  • we welcome everybody starting from the age of 7 years;
  • visitors aged 7-18 years are to be accompanied by adults;
  • we receive both groups (school classes, student groups, interest centres, day care centres etc.) and individual visitors;
  • participation is for free;
  • you should apply at least two days before the visit.

Apply by phone 67065498, e-mail or 

apply here

See you soon!

For other questions and more information, please visit "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres, our website at, social networks "twitter", "facebook".

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