What a public transport passenger has to know?

One e-ticket is valid for one person, for a certain number of trips. If a ticket for several persons is needed, then you should buy a group ticket for two or three persons.

Every time, after entering a public transport vehicle, you have to register your e-ticket immediately by putting it close to the validator.

You have always to register every trip regardless of the type of ticket loaded into the e-ticket.


One can carry in Riga public transport free of charge:

  • hand luggage with the sum of sizes (height, length, width) not exceeding 300 cm or length not exceeding 180 cm;
  • bicycles, which should be put in a free space inside the vehicle without causing discomfort or injuries and damaging the vehicle; the bicycle owner has to make sure that the bicycle does not move inside the vehicle;
  • children until 7 years of age.

A passenger is not allowed to carry:

  • hand luggage that may endanger the safety and health of passengers or the driver or significantly affect their comfort;
  • dirty or stinking objects;
  • a hand luggage with the sum of sizes (height, length, width) exceeding 300 cm (in vehicles with 16 passenger seats – 120 cm);
  • a hand luggage with length exceeding 180 cm (in vehicles with 16 passenger seats – 115 cm).

 Transportation of pets:

  • it is allowed to carry in public transport no more than two dogs held on a short leash, a single pet’s ticket for EUR 1.50 is to be bought for each dog;
  • animals can be transported free of charge if carried as hand luggage, i.e. in a special container or bag;
  • a disabled person with impaired vision, declared in the Republic of Latvia, may carry a dog as a guide, after presenting a document confirming the status of disabled person;
  • a passenger is not allowed to carry a pet having infectious diseases or pets which are not vaccinated.


*It is a short version of the regulations, the full version is available here.



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