What a public transport passenger has to know?

Every time, when entering public transport, you have to register your e-ticket or buy a ticket from the driver.

Passengers are allowed to carry in public transport:

  • hand luggage if the sum of its sizes (height, length, width) does not exceed 300 cm or its length does not exceed 180 cm;
  • bicycles if the passenger puts the bicycle in a free place inside the vehicle without causing discomfort or injuries to other passengers and damage to the vehicle.

Passengers are prohibited from carrying:

  • hand luggage that may affect safety and health of other passengers or the vehicle’s driver or significantly affect their comfort;
  • smearing or stinky objects;
  • hand luggage if the sum of its sizes (height, length, width) exceeds 300 cm (in vehicles with 16 passenger seats – 120 cm);
  • hand luggage if its length exceeds 180 cm (in vehicles with 16 passenger seats – 115 cm).

How to act in case you lose or find things in public transport?

  • if you have found things in public transport, hand them over to the driver;
  • if you have lost things in public transport, ask us in social networks Facebook and Twitter or email to info@rigassatiksme.lv

 Carrying pets:

  • it is allowed to carry in public transport no more than two dogs held on a short leash; you have to buy a pet’s single-ticket for EUR 1.50 for each dog from the driver;
  • it is allowed to carry pets in public transport free of charge if they are carried as hand luggage, i.e. in a special bag or container;
  • a blind disabled person whose place of residence is declared in the Republic of Latvia may carry free of charge a guide dog after presenting a document confirming his/her status of disabled person;
  • passengers are not allowed to carry pets with infectious diseases or without vaccination.

Fines for fare dodging:

  • EUR 20 if the fine is paid to the ticket inspector on the spot;
  • EUR 30 if a fine invoice is written out (unless the fine is imposed one year before).
  • All official information about fines is available here.


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