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“Rīgas satiksme” has calculated new cost price of one trip – EUR 1.426

The Temporary Management Board of “Rīgas satiksme” has prepared the 2019 budget and, based on the scheduled budget items, calculated the new cost priceof one trip, which is EUR 1.426, including 12% VAT. 

“Rīgas satiksme” has calculated the cost of one trip pursuant to Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 435 “The Order of Calculating and Compensating Losses Related to the Delivery of Public Transport Services and Calculating the Tariff on Public Transport Services”. The price cost is calculated by dividing the projected public transport expenditures with the projected number of passengers and adding 12% VAT.

Only those costs related to public transport expenditures are included in the calculation of the cost price of one trip:

  • Salaries with compulsory state social insurance contributions                      0.442   35%
  • Fuel                                                                                                      0.083   7%
  • Electric energy                                                                                      0.045   4%
  • Spare parts                                                                                            0.094   7%
  • Depreciation                                                                                          0.214   16%
  • Interest on loans                                                                                   0.036    3%
  • Maintenance and service of electronic payment system                              0.102   8%
  • Maintenance and service of information systems                                        0.037   3%
  • Other expenditures (insurance, state duties and taxes, licences,
    maintenance of buildings etc.)                                                                0.220   17%

                                                                                                       +12% VAT 0.153
                                                                                               TOTAL:                1.426

Previously the price cost of one trip was calculated in 2014 and equalled EUR 1.175 eiro, including VAT.

We remind that in the process of drawing up the budget the Temporary Management Board of "Rīgas satiksme" has found the possibility of saving EUR 9.5 million, mainly by renouncing from various repair works, purchase of main assets, investment in information systems etc. The goal of the Temporary Management Board is to ensure that this year the necessary municipal subsidy should not exceed the one granted by Riga City Council in 2018, i.e. EUR 122 million.

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