Policy of using cookies

Cookie is a small text file which the website saves in your computer or mobile device when you open www.rigassatiksme.lv. It helps to analyze the use of the site, including the understanding of site visitors’ activities, thus allowing to improve the site and make it more user friendly.

You must not necessarily enable the cookies for the site to function, yet they will make browsing better. You can delete or block cookies, but in this case some functions of the site may not operate properly.

Information related to cookies is not used for your personal identification, and data about your navigation are under our control. These cookies are only used for the purposes stated under the list of cookies below.  


Used cookies:

PHPSESSID – this cookie is necessary to identify every user session by the server. Sessions are necessary to ensure user authorisations and functionality of the shopping basket.

flash_banner – it is used to mark that the user has seen the modal banner of the homepage and the banner should not appear every time when the user opens the portal (the cookie is used when the banner showing time is active)

_mobile_mode_off – the cookie is used to make the homepage remember the user’s choice about showing/hiding the mobile version. When www.rigassatiksme.lv is opened in a mobile device, the homepage of the mobile version is opened. But the user can open the full (computer) version of the homepage, and then the cookie remembers the user’s choice to open the full (computer) version of the homepage next time.

_ga – records visit statistics (Google analytics). It is used to reduce the frequency of requests – to limit data collection on homepages with high data flow. (More information about Google Analytics is available at www.google.com)
The information collected will be sent to and stored on Google Inc. servers which are located in many countries worldwide. This information can be processed by a server located outside Latvia or the European Union.   


Disabling cookies:

You can change browser settings to disable new cookies or just to be informed about sending new cookies to your device. Read more at www.allaboutcookies.org.

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