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“Rīgas satiksme” has completed testing of two electric buses

“Rīgas satiksme” has completed testing of electric buses “Scania Citywide” and “Solaris nUrbino 18 Electric”, which took place in the period from August 12 to September 1. The aim of the test rides was to gain experience on the suitability of the energy saving solutions for the route network, charging solutions and energy consumption on different routes. Whereas, the interviewed passengers appreciated the quiet operation of the buses.

Electric buses carried passengers on various bus routes - routes No. 6, 12, 20 and 44. “Scania Citywide” electric bus covered 1590 kilometers during the test, while “Solaris nUrbino 18 Electric” covered 1318 kilometers. On the average, electric buses could travel between 130 and 160 kilometers without charging, which met the specifications indicated by the manufacturers.

“In general, I enjoyed driving the electric bus, because it is a novelty that also gives new experience to the driver. In addition, they do not pollute the environment like diesel-powered buses,” says Tom, a bus driver who was one of the drivers of electric buses.

Electric buses are environmentally friendly because they do not cause air pollution. Their engine runs quietly and is equipped so as to avoid electricity wasting as far as possible. Quiet running is a feature of the transport vehicle that is also appreciated by passengers: “I didn't even notice when the bus stopped at the stop!”.

In order to obtain the fullest possible results both in terms of electricity consumption and suitability for the route network, electric buses carried passengers both at different times and on different routes. The experience gained from the performed tests of electric buses and the recent market research will allow to better prepare for the open procurement procedure for the purchase of 35 electric buses.

As already previously reported, in March this year, “Rīgas satiksme” invited the manufacturers of electric buses and hydrogen buses to cooperate in testing. Two manufacturers offered their electric buses for test rides - Scania Latvia (Scania Citywide) and Solaris Bus & Coach Latvia (Solaris nUrbino 18 Electric).


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