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“Rīgas satiksme” has completed the testing of a hydrogen-powered bus

Rīgas satiksmehas completed the testing of the hydrogen-powered busSolaris Bus & Coach, which took place in the period from February 6 to February 11. In order to obtain as comprehensive data as possible, the hydrogen-powered bus performed runs on a number of bus routes14, 20, 47, 55 and 56.

In order for the testing to be performed both inside and outside the city, different bus routes have been selected. Also, the testing of the hydrogen-powered bus coincided with very wintery weather conditions, as there were both intensive snowfalls, and the air temperature dropped to -20° C. Total distances travelled on different routes:

- 280 km covered on route No.14;

- 138 km covered on route No.20;

- 120 km covered on route No.47;

- 285 km covered on route No.55;

- 137 km covered on route No. 56.

According to the testing results, one bus refill with hydrogen takes about 30 minutes. The average hydrogen consumption per 100 km was approximately 16 kg. Low air temperature had a significant effect on hydrogen consumption, also a considerable part of the consumption was required for heating the cabin, where the air temperature was set to +22° C. The advantages of this bus are its good driving characteristics, as the drive axle is equipped with two 125 kW electric motors that provide dynamic acceleration, the bus has good handling and manoeuvrability, as well as good braking characteristics, efficient cabin heating system, which was able to provide a comfortable temperature in these cold winter days. Unlike the buses in operation, this bus was equipped with an electric drive system for opening and closing doors, which ensured quieter operation of the doors, thus increasing passenger comfort.

Member of the Board of “Rīgas satiksme” Inguss Rūtiņš: “Considering various policy documents providing for a stricter emissions control in the European Union, as well as the progress towards sustainable and green urban environment in Riga, we also plan to develop in this direction and begin introduction of zero-emission public transport in the coming years. Therefore, we plan to continue performing such tests, both by testing hydrogen-powered buses from other manufacturers and by inviting battery bus manufacturers to cooperate in testing of the buses.”

Since the beginning of 2020, a hydrogen station has been operated in Riga, where the produced hydrogen is filled in 10 trolleybuses, but the station does not operate with the maximum possible capacity with this number of vehicles. The testing results of the hydrogen-powered bus allow to identify the potential station's capacity utilization, what distances can be covered by a hydrogen-powered bus with one refill in the conditions of the city of Riga, as well as its consumption. Testing has been deliberately performed in winter conditions, when the operation of the bus is more complicated than in summer.

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