Back to list Print 23. Feb. 2017

“Snow tickets” will be valid on Thursday, February 23

Due to weather forecasts and the need to clean roads from snow and ice, Riga municipality has decided that on Thursday, February 23, car drivers will be allowed to use Riga public transport free of charge, as so called „snow tickets” will be valid.

During the above period, a car registration certificate will be considered a valid document giving its holder the right to use public transport free of charge. The document must not be shown to public transport drivers, but only to controllers during ticket inspections. “Snow tickets” are not valid in minibuses.

Every adult person can use this opportunity, and there is no requirement to bear a driver’s licence. A car’s registration certificate will confirm that the vehicle is not participating in the road traffic at the moment, which is the goal of the local government. Free tickets for car drivers are introduced by Riga municipality to decrease the intensity of road traffic in the city during heavy snowing and after it, thus making road maintenance easier. 

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