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20-trip ticket most popular in Riga public transport in first quarter of 2011

According to information of "Rīgas satiksme", the most popular ticket in Riga public transport in the 1st quarter of this year was the 20-trip ticket, registered by 4646936 passengers or 13.26% of the total number of passengers.

The second most popular type of ticket is for one type of public transport, used by 9.28 % of passengers, followed by that for two types of public transport, registered by 9.01 % of passengers. The least used were group tickets, registered by 0.04 % of passengers only.

10 587 197, or 30.22% of the total amount of carried passengers, enjoyed 100% discount. 

Most of passengers, 90.9 %, buy tickets in various retail trade outlets, 4.9 % buy tickets in public transport vehicles and 1.2 % buy and reload tickets in ticket vending machines.

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