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20-trip ticket still on top

According to information of "Rīgas satiksme", the most popular ticket in Riga public transport in June, July and August was that for 20 trips. In June, it was registered by 2033466 or 25% of passengers, in July by 2030478 or 27% of passengers and in August by 1942711 or 25% of passengers.

The second most popular type of tickets is one-month ticket for one route, which 12.3% of passengers used on the average. It was followed by that for ten trips, registered by 14 % of passengers. The least used ticket in summer was the group ticket for three persons. It was registered only by 2830 passengers per month, on the average.

The 4-trip ticket also becomes increasingly popular. In July, when this type of ticket was introduced, it was bought by 49216 passengers, but in August – by 68967 passengers.

A majority of passengers (83%) buy tickets in various retail trade places, and 14% still buy their tickets from driver. 2% of passengers buy tickets at "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres, and only 1 % of passengers prefer buying tickets or reloading their smart cards in vending machines.

For more information about e-tickets and their buying options, please visit our website at or call toll-free phone 80001919.

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