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20-trip tickets most popular in Riga public transport in 2010

According to information of "Rīgas satiksme", the 20-trip ticket was the most popular one in Riga public transport in 2010. It was registered 23 806 509 times, which means that 18 % of all passengers chose this type of ticket.

The second most popular type of tickets was the one-month ticket for two types of transport, preferred by 11 % of passengers. It was followed by the one-month ticket for all routes of one public transport type, registered by 10 % of passengers on the average. The least popular type of ticket was the 2-trip ticket for a group of 3 passengers, it was used by 16 350 passengers only.

A majority of passengers, 72.98 %, bought their tickets in various retail outlets, but 12.73 % still buy tickets from driver. 1.28 % passengers buy tickets and reload they smart-cards in ticket vending machines, and 0.31 % reload their personalised e-tickets in the Internet.

According to the survey carried out by market and public opinion study centre SKDS in autumn 2010, almost 2/3 of Riga residents (65 %) are satisfied with the e-ticket system used to pay for Riga public transport services, but 21 % are fully satisfied with it. The survey showed that those residents using the public transport most frequently take the most positive view of the new system: 76 % of those residents using public transport every day or almost every day, 69 % of those using public transport at least once per week and 54 % of those who use public transport less than once per week are satisfied with the new system.

As reported earlier, in 2010 "Rīgas satiksme" carried a total of 133 399 525 passengers. The company runs in Riga 53 bus, 20 trolleybus and 9 tram lines, bus route No. 3, trolleybus route No. 15 and tram route No. 6 being the most popular. 

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