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Attention, customers! On March 1 paid parking-lots will be established in six street sections of the old city. It will be possible to pay for the parking services by SMS.

On January 27, 2009 Riga City Council’s binding regulations No. 150 Amendments to Riga City Council binding regulations No. 18 of 27.09.2005 Regulations on management and use of Riga city municipal paid parking-lots, located within red limits of streets took effect. 

The amendments provide for the establishment of paid municipal parking-lots in the area of Old Riga (Vecrīga). The parking tariff is set as follows: LVL 5 for the first hour and LVL 8 for each following hour of using a municipal parking-lot, parking-lots will be operative every day from 6.00 till 24.00. The residents of the old city, whose domicile address coincides with the address stated in the motor vehicle registration certificate, can submit an application to RP SIA "Rīgas satiksme" and receive a resident’s card. The price of the card is LVL 60 per month. 

After cancelling the status of special area for Old Riga, transport traffic in this part of the city can be reduced by establishing controlled parking-lots in the old city’s streets. Given the fact that Old Riga is a special protected area and developing the project of installing park-meters would involve a long harmonisation process, but construction works would require special permits and a long harmonisation procedure, paid parking-lots can be established for the transition period to streamline the traffic quickly. The only way of paying for these parking-lots would be by SMS-payments.

The regulations on using parking-lots (paragraph 5.1.2 of the binding regulations) provide that after placing the vehicle at a paid parking-lot a customer may choose one of the payment methods set forth in the above binding regulations. Paragraph 5.1.4 stipulates that, when using SMS-payments in paid parking-lots and after placing the car at the parking-lot, the customer has to send on SMS on starting to pay for the parking service and stating the vehicle number and the tariff area. When leaving the parking-lot, the customer has to send an SMS on finishing the use of the parking-lot and stating the vehicle number. In case of SMS-payments, the vehicle must have a well-seen sticker at its windscreen.


Parking lots as of March 1, 2009



Grēcinieku Street

from Kungu Street to Mārstaļu Street


Kungu Street

from Grēcinieku Street to Kaļķu Street


Smilšu Street

from Jēkaba Street to Trokšņu Street


Zirgu Street

from Ķēniņu Street to Dome Square


Vaļņu Street

from Smilšu Street to Kaļķu Street


Jēkaba Street

from Dome Square to M. Trokšņu Street


Tariff of municipal parking lots in Old Riga


•        first hour of using a paid parking-lot – LVL 5
•        each following hour of using a paid parking-lot – LVL 8

Pay for parking-lots by SMS!

Unless the customer started to pay for parking by SMS, he or she will have to pay the triple amount for the whole period of using the parking-lot, while paying for an incomplete hour as for a whole one  (Riga City Council’s binding regulations No. 18 of 27.09.2005).

More information: 67605843, 26472774.

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