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Both parents of large families can receive fare reductions for trips by Riga public transport from 1 August

Both parents of large families that have declared Riga as their place of residence, with three to five children up to the age of 18 or children from the age of 18 to 24, who are full-time students of an establishment with general, initial vocational, secondary vocational, vocational or higher education programmes, can receive fare reductions for trips with public transport within the capital from 1 August of this year.

To receive fare reductions it is first necessary to receive a personalised e-ticket or Riga resident's card. This can be done in any Rīgas satiksme customer service centre, the location and working hours of which can be found at:

Fare reduction status can be arranged at any Rīgas satiksme customer service centre by presenting the following documents: passport or eID; student certificate or certificate from an educational establishment, or a contract with an educational establishment for every child who is 18-24 years of age.

Fare reductions for trips with Rīgas satiksme trams, trolleybuses and buses apply to both parents of a large family to the extent of 60% - i.e. one monthly ticket for every day of the month for one tram, trolleybus or bus route costs 10.00 EUR, while a monthly ticket for all days of the month for every tram, trolleybus or bus route – 16.00 EUR.

Up to now, fare reductions only applied to one parent of a large family, who is raising three to five children. After amendments to the relevant provisions of Riga Municipality No. 89 On fare reductions for the Riga public transport route network, both parents can receive reductions.

Rīgas satiksme would like to remind everyone that an appointment at a customer service centre can be made on the web page of Rīgas satiksme:

You can find more information on Rīgas satiksme services, route schedules, types of tickets and other news at and also in social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and 

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