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Bus No. 11T to replace tram No. 11 as of May 18

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that as of May 18 tram route No. 11 will be closed and tram No. 11 will be replaced by bus No. 11T, which will run by the route “Abrenes Street - Mežaparks”.


Bus No. 11T will run from Abrenes Streets along Abrenes Street, Dzirnavu Street, Satekles Street, Merķeļa Street, K. Barona Street, Matīsa Street, Miera Street, Brasas viaduct, Gaujas Street, Ķīšezera Street, Kokneses Avenue, Meža Avenue, Ezermalas Street to terminal “Saules dārzs”.

From terminal “Saules dārzs”, the bus will run along Ezermalas Street, Meža Avenue, Kokneses Avenue, Ķīšezera Street, Gaujas Street, Brasas viaduct, Miera Street, Matīsa Street, K. Barona Street, Raiņa Boulevard, Satekles Street, Dzirnavu Street, Abrenes Street to terminal “Abrenes Street”. 

Passengers having bought monthly tickets for tram route No. 11 can use these tickets on bus route No. 11T.

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that as of May 18 the Retro tram will not run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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