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By giving Tērbatas street to pedestrians, the route of trolleybus No 1 will be temporarily closed

„Rīgas satiksme” informs that Riga City Council will implement the summer street concept for the first time as an experiment, by temporarily allocating Tērbatas street to pedestrians, cyclists, vendors and on weekends – for cultural program. For the time, while Tērbatas street will be allocated to pedestrians, the route of trolleybus No 1 will be closed and changes will be made in the operation of parking lots managed by  „Rīgas satiksme” and the route of express-bus No 316.

Starting from Thursday, July 16, the route of trolleybus No 1 will be closed. Passengers who have purchased monthly ticket for the closed trolleybus No 1 will be allowed to ride in other trolleybus, tram and bus routes without registering the ticket. 

Starting from 15.07.2020 at 21:45 stopping and parking of vehicles will be prohibited in the section of Tērbatas street from Elizabetes street to the entrance to the Vidzeme Market.

Considering the reorganization of traffic during the initiative, only the residents of the houses will be allowed to drive into Tērbatas street up to their courtyards. We ask residents who have resident cards to park their vehicles in the nearest paid Riga City parking lots in accordance with the zone.

At the same time we inform that due to aforementioned the express busses No 316 will drive along the route to Merķeļa street in the direction of Riga City centre, then proceed along Merķeļa street, Brīvības street, Dzirnavu street and then along the route.

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