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Car park post-payment notices can be viewed on the web page of Rīgas satiksme

Rīgas satiksme announces the option to view car park post-payment notices by registering on the Rīgas satiksme webpage section “My car park post-payment notices”, starting from 1 August of this year.

To register and receive information on applied post-payment notices, physical persons have to enter the information on their vehicle and attach both sides of a copy of their registration certificate. After verification of the entered information, users will gain access to the portal. Whereas legal persons have to conclude a contract. For additional information call 8585. In the future the section will not only allow the viewing of car park post-payment notices, but also the option of payment.

It was already announced that the appearance of Rīgas satiksme car park post-payment notices has been changed. It was done to speed up and simplify information processing, as well as to unify the system, in which it is possible to immediately view your car park post-payment notices. Additional information on car parks and services is available on the Rīgas satiksme web page, in the section “Car parks”.

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