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Changes in the public transportation schedule on 12 July, before and after the concert in Lucavsala

Rīgas satiksme informs that on Friday, 12 July 2019, a special trolleybus route will be organised in Lucavsala before and after the concert.

From 16.00, according to the passenger flow, a special trolleybus route “University of Latvia - Lucavsala” will be organised. Trolleybuses will run along Inženieru Street, Raina Boulevard, Gogoļa Street, Lāčplēša Street and Salu Bridge to Lucavsala.

After the concert, the trolleybuses will run from Lucavsala to the destination Pētersalas Street as trolleybus route No. 19.

Changes are also planned for bus route No. 40. Starting at 16:00 buses from the city centre to Ziepniekkalns will stop at the Lucavsala stop.

According to the passenger flow, additional runs will be organised on trolleybus route No. 19 and bus route No. 40.

Traffic limitations on Salu Bridge, including repairs, and the concert may result in public transportation delays.

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