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Changes on some public transport routes as of May 8

„Rīgas satiksme” informs that as of May 8 changes will be made in several public transport schedules to improve passenger service.

There will be the following changers in working day schedules as of May 8

  • Following residents’ request, there will be a bus No. 30 running from Daugavgrīva at 5.20, other departure times will not change.
  • Departure times of bus No. 49 at 11.05 and 11.37 from MAN-TESS will be changed to 13.08 and 14.13, accordingly. Departure times from Rumbula will not change.
  • Following residents’ requests, the departure time of the first tram on route No. 5 from Mīlgrāvis will be changed from 5.28 to 5.26. Departure times from Iļģuciems will not change.

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