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Changes on tram route No. 5

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that as of July 11, 2018 changes will be made on tram route No. 5   due to the replacement of tram rails at the crossing of Slokas Street and Jūrmalas gatve.

Tram No. 5 will go from terminal „Mīlgrāvis” by the route to tram stop „National Opera”, then along  Aspazijas Boulevard, Krišjāņa Barona Street to stop „Railway Terminal Square” (Radio Street) and then back to Mīlgrāvis. Please take into account that some runs of tram No. 5 will be from terminal „Railway Terminal Square” to tram stop „Aldaris” only.

Please see the map of tram route No. 5 here here. 

Please see the schedule of tram route No. 5 for working days here, and for holidays here.

Please see the schedule of bus route 5T for working days here and for holidays here.

In the part of the route from Iļģuciems to the Railway Terminal Square, the tram will be replaced by bus 5T, which will run parallel to tram tracks. We draw your attention to the fact that bus 5T running by route „Railway Terminal Square - Iļģuciems” will stop at tram stops and some bus stops. When running in the direction of terminal „Iļģuciems”, bus 5T will stop at the temporary stop in Slokas Street next to Uzvaras Boulevard and at bus stop „A. Grīna Boulevard” (Slokas Street). In both directions, bus 5T will stop at stop „National Library”.

Passengers who use tickets for a certain number of trips or buy tickets from the driver, including pet ticket, when making a transfer from tram 5 to 5T (or vice versa), shall not register their e-tickets once again or buy another ticket (the registered/bought ticket is valid 100 minutes in the same direction).

Passengers who use tram tickets (1-hour, 24-hour, 3-day, 5-day tickets) or 100% fare discount granted by Riga  municipality, as well as monthly tickets for tram route No. 5, when making transfer from tram No. 5 to bus 5T (or vice versa), shall register their e-tickets once again.

Passengers who do not use e-tickets but have the right to receive the so-called zero ticket from the driver (disabled persons of groups I and II, disabled persons under the age of 18 and a person accompanying a disabled person of group I and or a disabled person under the age of 18), when making a transfer from the tram to the bus (or vice versa), shall receive a 0-ticket from the driver every time.

Attention, users of monthly tickets for tram route No. 5! If you want to start using a new monthly ticket for tram route No. 5, but live in the section of tram route No. 5 which is served by bus No 5T, you can register the monthly ticket in bus 5T, and your e-ticket will be attached to tram route No. 5.  

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