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E-ticket vending machines to accept bank payment cards only

To protect customers from problems related to receiving cash exchange, only bank cards will be accepted in ticket vending machines starting from Tuesday, December 14. The decision was taken because in the first weeks of December alone there were 53 cases in which ticket vending machines were damaged as a result of illegal acts and customers did not receive cash exchange.

Illegal acts with cash have long since been committed at Riga municipal parking lots   operated by "Rīgas satiksme". To resolve this situation, Rīgas satiksme plans to stop all kinds of cash payments at parking lots and has assigned its subsidiary "Rīgas karte", which performs the day-to-day installation and maintenance of parking meters, to find a solution in order to improve the situation with vending machines selling e-tickets.

At present Riga accounts for a total of 30 public transport ticket vending machines, located in places with intensive passenger flow, as well as at public transport stops.

We remind that you can buy e-tickets not only in ticket vending machines, but also in ticket outlets of "Rīgas satiksme", "Latvija Post" offices, "Narvesen", "Plus Punkts", "Preses apvienība" outlets and other trade outlets.

You can also buy a personalised e-ticket in the e-ticket’s Internet store. To buy the ticket on the Internet, you have to send an application with the e-ticket user’s name, surname, e-ticket number and e-mail address to The password to access the e-shop will be sent to the stated e-mail address within one workday. The access password received and the e-mail address is to be entered at

For more information about the e-ticket and where it can be bought, please visit our website at or call our toll-free phone 80001919.


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