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E-ticket with low-floor tram drawn by Vineta Siliņa is ready

On Thursday, November 25, Vineta Siliņa received the first e-ticket decorated with the new low-floor tram she had drawn. 4 million of tickets were manufactured. As of today, November 25, they will be available in some trade outlets. Tickets for a certain number of trips, limited-time and group tickets will can be loaded into the new ticket.


Vineta Siliņa is 12 years old, she lives in orphanage Imanta. „This is the first yellow e-ticket decorated with a low-floor tram drawn by a child. I believe that public transport passengers will be pleased to hold this ticket. The drawing bearing the signature of Vineta Siliņa will be stored in "Rīgas satiksme" as an evidence for generations to come, because we are in the process of establishing Riga public transport museum”, Elīna Epalte-Drulle, "Rīgas satiksme’s" administrative resources management director said as she presented the first e-ticket and special goods to  Vineta.

The new low-floor tram drawn by Vineta has won the contest with a comfortable majority of 927 votes. A total of 3351 visitors of Rīgas satiksme website participated in the vote that lasted one month – from June 4 till July 5.

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