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Electronic payments system is implemented and operates successfully in general

500,000 trips are registered daily The electronic payment system in Riga public transport is fully operational as of May 1 – the data of the first week testify that in general it runs successfully. In the first days of May, 500,000 users of electronic payments system were registered every day on the average, a 100 % increase on the previous month. Almost all public transport passengers use the new system. Now the interest of passengers that we witnessed in the first days has decreased, and individual problems, for example, the need to receive a new smart card due to technical problems, have been also gradually solved, and individual questions about the use of e-ticket have been also answered.

The popularity of e-ticket is testified by the gradually decreasing number of paper tickets sold by public transport drivers. Another proof of the system’s successful operation is the number of sold smart tickets: their sales have been stable since mid-April, yet the sales of one-month tickets reached the peak on April 28-30 and May 4. It can be explained by the cyclicity of buying one-month tickets, which is one of the reasons why queues emerge and customer service become more difficult. We expect that this cyclicity will be eliminated as a result of introducing e-payments, because the new system allows one-month tickets to be activated on any date, and these tickets are available in any place where tickets are sold.

The most popular tickets are for 20 trips, it means that the new products compete with one-month tickets, because customers prefer the most profitable services in terms of price. As regards "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres, the most visited ones are at Brīvības Street 191 and in Riga International Bus Station. In other centres, located in Imanta, Jugla and Ziepniekkalns, four people are waiting for the service on the average.

At present, the system accounts for 225 active ticket trade places, including the popular outlets of "Narvesen", "Plus Punkts" and "Preses apvienība", as well as "Rīgas satiksme" ticket offices. We work on expanding the network of trade outlets. As regards payments on the Internet, 250 individuals have been given passwords to use the Internet store. Of these 250 volunteers, 125 have already bought a ticket and 86 already use it. As a result of the testing, we have put the terms of using the Internet shop more precisely – now we can say that the ticket will be loaded to e-talons 36 hours after its purchase, but in case of holidays it may take up to 48 hours.

Given the fact that the operation of ticket vending machines has not been stable so far, "Rīgas satiksme" decided to lodge a claim against their manufacturer. To avoid inconveniences for our customers, vending-machines are switched off until repaired. The manufacturer said that the unit of accepting coins will be upgraded, and it was the main reason why the operation of the vending machines was suspended. So far four ticket machines have been upgraded and are operational now.   

At present, all transport vehicles are provided with electronic validators (except one validator in some tram cars), punchers are dismantled. 

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