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Electronic payments to be introduced step by step

The use of electronic payment system in Riga’s public transport will be started on March 1 by selling one-time tickets that will be printed out from drivers’ consoles in public transport. The old-type one-month paper tickets will be valid in March and April, and one-time tickets for 40 santims will be on retail sale as well.

The introduction of electronic payments will be continued gradually, as different groups of passengers will start using e-tickets – smart tickets and smart cards step by step. Residents are asked to pay as before, until they receive e-tickets by mail or trade outlets announce the start of selling and reloading e-tickets.

It’s scheduled that sending out e-tickets will start in mid-March and will be continued at one or two weeks pace. After receiving personalised e-tickets, a group of passengers will be given 2 weeks for reloading e-tickets and asking necessary questions.

Apart from personalised e-tickets, passengers will also receive information about using e-tickets – the purchase of e-tickets and the necessity to register trips in public transport. If any problems with receiving e-tickets by mail arise, passengers will be able to report these problems to Rīgas satiksme and receive e-tickets individually or by mail. Information about sending out e-tickets will be available at bus-stops, on Rīgas satiksme web-page and in media.

The first group of passengers to join the new system will be those enjoying 100 % fare discount granted by the local government (pupils of 1st – 4th forms, pensioners at the age of above 75 years; victims of political repressions; parents of large families). They will receive e-tickets – smart cards late in March and will be able to start using the new system on April 1.

Passengers having not applied for e-tickets and mostly using one-time tickets will be able to buy smart-tickets for 5, 10 and 20 trips, as well as time tickets for 24 hours, 3 and 5 days late in March. It shall be reminded that 10 and 20 trips will be sold with 5 and 10 % discount, accordingly.

It is scheduled that passengers who have not applied for personalised e-tickets will be able to start buying one-month tickets with non-personalised e-tickets on April 10. To buy the ticket, they will have to pay a deposit of 2 lats, which will be refundable when returning the ticket to one of "Rīgas satiksme" customer centres.

But those who prefer a personified e-ticket will be able to receive it as before, by filling in a form at Brīvības street 191. They will get e-tickets by mail within 2 weeks time. 

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