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European Commission approves large Riga tram infrastructure development project

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that the European Commission has approved a large Riga tram infrastructure development project,  which provides for building a 3.6 km long new tramline  along the route Pērnavas Street – Senču Street – Zirņu Street – Skanstes Street – Sporta Street, reconstruction of about 3 km of the existing infrastructure on tram routes No. 5 and  9 up to the city centre and necessary power supply, i.e. building a new sub-station and reconstruction of an existing one, as well as new contact networks. The project also provides for building approximately 11 new tram stops and purchasing 12 new low-floor trams, as well as reconstruction of streets in some places, building a local carriageway, transfer of engineering communications, construction of traffic control system etc.  

The total costs of the Riga tram infrastructure development project amounts to EUR 97.4 M, including EUR 65 669 331 from the European Cohesion Fund and a reserve of EUR 4.3, which will be made available after December 31, 2018 if all the criteria set by the project are met. «Rīgas satiksme» provides a funding of EUR 27.4 M. It is estimated that the construction of the tramline may start in the second half of the next year, because the development of the technical project will take one year and the works have to be harmonised with holders of the engineering communications and owners of the real estate objects. It is scheduled that the project implementation will be finished in 2022.

The building of the Skanste tramline will make it possible to create a tramway circle around Riga’s historic centre. This, in turn, will enable the opening of new tramlines bypassing the city centre via Skanste district, which will reduce public transport flow, relieve K. Barona Street, and create preconditions for opening new tram lines to Purvciems and Pļavnieki.

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