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First ticket vending machines put in Riga public transport stops

At the end of summer, three new ticket vending machines were put into operation at public transport stops in Riga. They are now available in Rūsiņa Street (the bus terminal in Abrenes Street), at Merķeļa Street 3 and in Brīvības Boulevard near the orthodox cathedral. Now there is a total of 24 ticket vending machines operating in Riga, and another ten are due to be put in public transport stops until the end of this year.

It shall be reminded that e-tickets can be bought not only in ticket vending machines, but also in "Rīgas satiksme" ticket outlets, "Latvija Post"  offices, kiosks of "Narvesen", "Plus Punkts", "Preses apvienība" and other places where tickets are sold.

Owners of personalised e-tickets can also buy public transport tickets in the e-ticket Internet store. Send a request to stating the name and the surname of the e-ticket owner, the number of the e-ticket and the e-mail address. The password giving access to the Internet store will be sent to the e-mail address stated in the request within one workday. The password received and the e-mail address shall be entered at:

More information about the e-ticket and its purchase is available at or by toll free phone 80001919.

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