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From 1 February, the names of several stops will be changed

From 1 February, several public transport stops will be renamed due to changes in the names of Riga streets, and the names of some stops and the endpoint of bus 30 route will be changed to improve passengers' orientation in the city.

In line with the Riga City Council's decision to change street names, the names of several bus stops will be changed from 1 February:

All stops named "Akadēmiķa Mstislava Keldiša iela" will be renamed "Brāļu Kaudzīšu iela".

All stops named "Valentīna Pikuļa aleja" will be renamed "Birutas Baumanes aleja".

In order to facilitate the connection of Riga's public transport with the railway network, the names of the stops in the vicinity of Imanta railway station will be changed:

the stops named "Rostokas iela" and "Zolitūdes iela" on Rostokas iela will be renamed to "Imantas stacija".

All stops named "Rostokas iela" on Zolitūdes iela will be renamed "Imantas stacija".

On tram 5 route (direction to Mīlgrāvis), the announcement in the vehicle cabin at the stop "Ausekļa iela" will be updated to "Ausekļa iela – Anatomijas muzejs" to provide passengers with additional information about the nearby Rīga Stradiņš University Anatomy Museum.

Bus 30 route "Stacijas laukums-Daugavgrīva" will be renamed "Centrālā stacija-Daugavgrīva".

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