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From 1 November, changes will be made to the schedules of buses 4, 13, 15 and 31, as well as trolleybus 3

After evaluating the proposals of passengers, the departure times of several public transport routes will be changed, adapting the public transport schedule to people’s travel patterns. As of 1 November 2022, changes will be made to the working day schedule for buses 4, 13 and trolleybus 3, and as of 5 November 2022 to the weekend schedule for buses 15 and 31.

Departure times on working days will be changed for trolleybus 3 route in order to improve the availability of the afternoon departure to Kundziņsala for the neighbourhood’s pupils after school. From the Centrālā stacija stop, the departure to Kundziņsala will be at 13:47 (currently 13:43). Changes in the departure times in the evening will also create a more even interval between the main routes to and from Sarkandaugava and to and from Kundziņsala.

Departure times on working days are being changed for bus 4 and 13 routes to improve the coordination of departure times and transfer opportunities between routes at Babītes stacija.

Departure times for bus 15 and 31 routes are changed on weekends to improve coordination between the departure times.

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