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From 29th June, express buses will start to cruise again along the routes of increased service

“Rigas satiksme” informs that, due to changes in passenger traffic and in order to optimize mobility of inhabitants of Riga City, from 29th June, public transport will start to cruise again along the routes of increased service. 

We have previously informed about cancellation of the privileges for ride in minibuses. In connection with the abovementioned, from Monday, 29th June, changes will be made to numbering of several routes of the increased service, as a result of which the first digit will change to cypher 3: the 203rd route will become the 303rd one, the 204th - 304th, 209th - 309th, 214th - 314th, 224th - 324th, 233rd - 333rd, 263rd - 363rd, 271st - 371st.

From June 29th, on weekdays and weekends, express bus of the 300th route will start to cruise again. Express buses of other routes, from Monday, 29th June, will start to run only on weekdays. Express buses of orange-white and blue-white colors will cruise along the routes.

"Rigas satiksme" recalls that privileges granted by the Duma of Riga City do not apply to the express buses.

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