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From April 17, during the holidays the number of trips on certain bus and trolleybus routes in the city of Riga will be increased

"Rīgas satiksme" informs that in accordance with the order of the Executive Directorate of the Riga City Council, from April 17 changes will be made in the holiday schedules of buses 3, 36 and trolleybuses 4, 15, 19. The total public transport output will be increased by 86 trips. The changes are based on monitoring data on public transport occupancy.

Changes in bus and trolleybus timetables on weekends will be made in:

"Rīgas satiksme" constantly monitors passenger flows in public transport and such a procedure will remain unchanged in the future. Information about cabin occupancy is provided by both public transport drivers and checking customer applications. Also, all the latest "Rīgas satiksme" vehicles are equipped with automatic passenger counting systems, thus, when the vehicle cabin reaches 50% full, the dispatchers receive a signal that allows them to react quickly and assign an additional vehicle.

Reduction of risk of COVID-19 transmission requires involvement of everyone, so it is important that citizens have as little social contact as possible and use public transport only when it is really needed.

To communicate with «Rīgas satiksme», please use our hotline 20361862 or email to You can also contact us on our website at, section «Contact us» («Sazinies ar mums»), where everybody can submit his/her application.

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