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From August 23, changes will be introduced in trolleybus routes No. 13, 14, 17 and bus routes No. 16 and 48

In order to improve the speed of public transport and reduce the impact of traffic jams on the execution of the traffic schedule, from August 25, trolleybuses route No. 13, 14, 17 and buses route No. 16 and 48, in the direction from Ieriķu Street, Mežciems, Purvciems, “Jugla” Paper factory and Pļavnieki, will run along the route up to Biķernieku Street, further along Biķernieku Street, Viļa Ģelbes Street, Brīvības gatve and further along the route. In Viļa Ģelbes Street (before the intersection with Brīvības gatve), a new stop “Gustava Zemgala gatve” will be created.

Movement along Viļa Ģelbes Street in this section will be allowed only for public transport, thus, along with the diversion of routes from Struktoru Street, priority will be ensured for public transport and the intersection of Struktoru Street and Brīvības gatve, where significant traffic jams are formed, will be bypassed. Along with the mentioned changes, the situation for passengers using the mentioned routes will be improved, promoting the competitiveness of public transport in relation to private motor transport.


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