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From January 24, the names of certain bus routes will be changed

“Rīgas satiksme” informs that from Monday, January 24, in order to improve the orientation of passengers in Riga public transport network, the names of the bus routes No. 10, 29 and 47 will be changed. From now on, the name of the bus route No. 10 will be “Abrenes Street Jaunmārupe”, the name of the bus route No. 29 “Mežciems Vecmīlgrāvis”, whereas, the name of the bus route No. 47 “Abrenes Street Getliņi”.

These routes drive into Brūkleņu Street, Bukulti and Šķirotava, where they stop at the same stops in both directions. With the current names, the names of these crossed areas or streets are displayed in front of the final point on the external panel of the vehicle, and on the vehicle’s electronic display, the name of the final point is displayed in scrolling text mode only periodically.

With the existing procedure, passengers are not able to perceive the name of the route’s final point in a timely and unambiguous manner. Replacement of the names with the new ones will improve the passengers’ ability to see the name of the final point timely, reducing misunderstandings at certain parts of the route. This way, the names of the indicated routes would follow the same basic principles as the names of the other routes, where the names of the crossed areas are not indicated.

The change of the names of the three specified routes will require the change of the schedule plates, voice announcements in the transport vehicle and the names on the internal and external displays in public transport.


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