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From today, the 12th of May, mouth and nose covers must be used in public transport

In accordance with government instructions and order of the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Latvia from today, the 12th of May, in trams, trolleybuses and buses mouth and nose cover shall be used, therefore reducing the risks of spreading “COVID-19” as much as possible. During the trip a mouth and nose may be covered by a scarf, muffler or home-made face mask.

“Rīgas satiksme” asks every customer to be aware of a seriousness of the situation and to comply with determined precautionary measures – to use public transport with mouth and nose cover only, therefore protecting other passengers from a possible infection.


To inform and remind passengers of a new procedure in the public transport there will be played voice messages in Latvian, Russian and also in English. Also controllers will remind of a new procedure. In the event of a passenger does not cover his/her mouth and nose during the trip, the controller will ask him/her to do so. Also the information will be posted in the public transport monitors:

To reduce a risk of spreading “COVID-19” everyone needs to be involved, therefore it is important for citizens to have as little social contact as possible and to use public transport during an emergency only if there is no alternative.

To communicate with «Rīgas satiksme», please use our hotline 20361862 or email to You can also contact us on our website at, section «Contact us» («Sazinies ar mums»), where everybody can submit his/her application. 

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