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Holders of Riga resident’s card get more discounts

As of February 2017 holders of Riga resident’s card are offered discounts on services of “CLEANING RIGA”, which cleans up flats, houses and other types of dwelling space.

“CLEANING RIGA” offers to clean up all types of premises, as well as their preparation and decoration for various events. After electronic registration of a Riga resident’s card its holder will get a 17% discount on all cleaning services provided by the company.

We remind that holders of Riga resident’s card already enjoy discounts in Riga Hospital no. 1,   Riga Hospital no. 2, Riga Zoo, Riga Maternity Hospital, „Mēness” pharmacies, medical institutions of “Veselības centru apvienība”, sanatorium “Yantarniy bereg”, as well as Venetian blinds manufacturer “Osval un ko” and company “Photorent” specialised in renting out photo equipment. Holders of Riga resident’s card also enjoy discounts when buying one-hour tickets for Riga public transport; they also pay 20% less for parking in tariff zones B, C and D.

To receive a Riga resident’s card, a person has to declare his/her place of residence or own a real estate in Riga. Electronics applications can be submitted at in section “Tickets” – “Types of e-ticket” – “Riga resident’s card”. The card can be also applied for and received in any of “Rīgas satiksme” customer service centres.

You can find more information on „Rīgas satiksme” services, route schedules, types of tickets and other news at and also in social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and . 

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