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It will snow also on Friday, car drivers will be again allowed to use public transport free of charge

Heavy snowing will continue on Friday, according to weather forecasts. In order to facilitate transport flow and operation of road cleaning equipment, on Friday, January 11, car drivers will be allowed to use Riga public free of charge after presenting a car’s registration certificate.

Riga City Council urges Riga residents to use public transport and also to take into account that they will have to spend more time in transport than usually.

Car registration certificates issued to legal entities or family members will be also valid. They must be only presented during ticket control, but not to vehicle drivers. Zero fare for car drivers does not apply to minibuses.

The days when card registration certificates are valid will be announced in municipal portals,, and also through media.

The latest information about the situation in Riga streets is available at Twitter account @rdsvc -

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