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Last year customers were actively seeking information about public transport on the Internet

In 2010, the website of "Rīgas satiksme" at was visited more than 6 million times. Transport news, ticket prices and other information related to our company was requested more than 15 million timers, but public transport schedules looked through more than 41 million times.

The highest activity was registered on September 1, which is the first school day, when  "Rīgas satiksme’s" website was visited more than 28 000 times, on November 18 (27 000), but on December 10, when Riga was surprised by a heavy snowfall, it was visited even 24 000 times.

Internet users were particularly active on June 23, when Riga was preparing for the popular Midsummer festival, and on June 1, when several changes in public transport routes were introduced and the first low-floor tram was launched.

The lowest activity was witnessed in summer, on Sundays of July and on June 25, the day after the Midsummer festival, when the website was visited about 10 000 times only. Every day there are about 18 000 visitors at "Rīgas satiksme" website on the average.

The most popular were public transport schedules, followed by information on prices and types of tickets and e-ticket.

The most requested information during this year was about transport traffic restrictions during national holidays in Riga and the new types of tickets.

There were also visitors from abroad. Information about Riga public transport was mostly requested from Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Estonia.

On "Rīgas satiksme’s" website you can find all current information about our company, public transport services in Riga city, public transport routes and schedules, as well as tickets. For more information about the services offered by "Rīgas satiksme", public transport schedules, types of tickets and other news, you can also call our toll-free phone 80001919.

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