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Low-floor tram start running regularly also on route No. 11

Low-floor tram start running regularly also on route No. 11
On Thursday, February 7, low-floor trams started running regularly on route No. 11.

Vadims Baraņņiks, chairman of the Riga City Council Communication and Transport Committee, pointed out that it is important to adjust tram route No. 11 for low-floor trams also because this summer the Big scene of Mežaparks will host another Latvian song festival, and it will be more comfortable for the viewers and participants of the festival to use        the new trams.

As is known, from June 1, 2010, low-floor trams have run on route No. 6, which leads to Jugla. Now a part of this route, between Riga secondary school No. 45 and Jugla terminal, is under reconstruction and is being adjusted for low-floor trams. The next route to be adjusted for low-floor trams in the coming years is route No. 4.

At present, „Rīgas satiksme” accounts for 26 low-floor trams, of which 20 have three sections, maximum capacity for 318 passengers and are   31.4 metres long, and six have four sections, maximum capacity for 432 passengers and 41 metres long. All low-floor trams have automatic doors for passengers to get in and out.

All low-floor trams are also accessible for disabled persons, including those in wheel-chairs. There is a special hydraulic manual lift with a pliable platform at the front door, which can be lowered to the pavement level, thus allowing disabled persons on wheelchairs to get into the tram without using the tram stop platform.  

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