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New Riga public transport tickets are on sale now

All new types of public transport tickets – a monthly ticket for EUR 30 and a 90-minute ticket for EUR 1.50 – are already available at existing sales outlets, and 24-hour, 3-day and 5-day tickets can be purchased. Monthly tickets with a discount granted by the Riga City Council for students, teachers and other passengers, costing EUR 15, are also available for pre-sale. All new ticket types, except discounted tickets, are also available on the Rīgas satiksme QR code ticket app. Purchased tickets can be used on public transport from 2 January.

To encourage passengers to use public transport regularly, monthly ticket prices will be significantly reduced from 2023 and will now cost EUR 30 per month for all public transport types instead of the current EUR 50. A new type of ticket, the 90-minute ticket, will also be introduced priced at EUR 1.50 for all passengers, replacing the existing one-trip and one-hour tickets. Passengers who travel for free on public transport will not see any changes after 2 January, while passengers who have a partial discount from Riga City Council (e.g. students, teachers, etc.) can buy a monthly ticket for all transport types at a 50% discount, i.e. for EUR 15 instead of the previous EUR 16. From 2 January, working old-age pensioners will be able to travel for free on Riga's public transport.

All public transport tickets purchased at the old tariff will be valid for use on public transport after 2 January and until 2 March. Unused tickets can be returned to Rīgas satiksme within 12 months of purchase and 100% of the unused period will be refunded.

To contact Rīgas satiksme, please use the information line 20361862 or send an e-mail to You can also contact the company on the website in the section “Contact us”, where anyone can submit an application electronically.

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