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New tickets in Riga public transport

E-ticket to offer new ticket options and discounts on 10 or 20 trips With the implementation of the new electronic payments system, new tickets will be introduced in Riga public transport. They will be available in retail trade, as well as in ticket machines. The new tickets will valid for a certain number of trips or a certain period of time. Their prices will be based on the current public transport tariff – LVL 0.40. The new tickets will supplement the already existing range of products.

It will be most convenient to buy new tickets by loading them into an e-ticket or smart ticket, which is anonymous electronic cardboard ticket. When buying new tickets, a resident or visitor of Riga will pay the price of the ticket and will receive the smart ticket, which will be valid 3 months. It means that the purchased trips or time limit - consecutive 24 hours, 3 or 5 days, will have to be used within 3 month upon buying the smart ticket.

There will be new tickets for 5, 10 and 20 trip. When buying 10 trips, the passenger will be granted a 5 % discount, i.e. the total price will be LVL 3.80 and the price of one trip will be 38 santims LVL 3.80. When buying 20 trips, a 10 % discount will be applied and the price of one trip will be 36 santims. The price of 20 trips will be LVL 7.20. Passengers will be able to pay for one trip when buying a paper ticket from the driver, as well as when using smart-cards – personalised or non-personalised e-tickets.

New time-limit tickets will be initially valid only for users of e-tickets or smart cards. The smart card for 24 consecutive hours, which will be valid in routes of all types of public transport, will cost LVL 1.50. To use all types of public transport during three days, a passenger will have to buy a smart ticket for LVL 4.60. As for 5-day ticket, it will have several options  - one route  (LVL 3.40), one type of public transport (LVL 4.80), two types of public transport (LVL 5.60) or all types of public transport (LVL 7.60).

The user will be able to check the end of the ticket’s time limit every time when registering the trip. To register the trip, a smart-card should be applied to one of the validators located in front of every door in a bus, trolleybus or tram.

The smart tickets will be on sale in more than 300 places across Riga – in ticket machines and ticket outlets, as well as in "Rīgas satiksme "customer centres.

As explained before, there will be another type of e-ticket along with smart ticket - a personalised or non-personalised smart card. This electronic plastic card is necessary for residents using one-month tickets and is especially convenient for regular users of public transport. To get a personalised e-ticket, residents shall fill in an application form. As for non-personalised tickets, the residents will get them when buying his/her first ticket and paying the deposit. This payment will be repayable when returning the non-personalised smart card to one of "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres.

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