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Number of public transport runs to be increased as of September 2

As of September 2 "Rīgas satiksme" will increase the number of public transport runs, extend bus route No. 51 to Ulbroka secondary school, and prolong the operation of extended summer bus routes running to Riga beaches until October 1.

As of September 2 some runs on bus route No. 51 will be extended to Ulbroka secondary school. It will be done taking into account the initiative of residents and the local government of Stopiņi region, and is due to significantly improve the transportation of passengers. There will be also a new workday schedule on this route, and the workday schedule of bus route No. 52 will be also changed, accordingly.

As of September 2 the following public transport routes will have the number of runs increased and schedules changed:

  • trolleybus routes No. 9, 12, 13, 15 and 17 on workdays;
  • trolleybus routes No. 11, 14, 18 and 23 on holidays;
  • trolleybus routes No. 19, 22, 24 and 25 on workdays and holidays;
  • tram routes No. 2 and 4 on workdays and holidays;
  • tram route No. 10 on holidays;
  • bus routes No. 7, 37, 41 and 53 on workdays;
  • bus route No. 13 on workdays and holidays.




It should be reminded that several bus routes were extended on weekends during the summer season to ensure comfortable transportation to Riga beaches:  bus route No. 3 was extended to Vakarbuļļi beach, bus route No. 29 was extended to Vecāķi and traffic intensity on bus route No. 24 was also increased on holidays. Parallel to changes on bus route No. 3, the number of runs on bus route No. 36 was increased and bus No. 30 was launched on holidays as well. Given passengers’ demand, these changes will be extended by one month until October 1.

As we informed earlier, as of September 2 trolleybus route No, 27 is extended to the bus terminal in Ziepniekkalns, and there will be new schedules on this route for workdays and holidays, increasing traffic intensity. As a result of these changes bus route No. 42 will be closed and its passengers will be carried by the extended trolleybus route.

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