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On May 4 everybody will be able to use public transport free of charge

From now on everybody will be able to use Riga’s public transport free of charge also on May 4, the Republic of Latvia Independence Restoration Day. It is provided by draft amendments to the municipality’s binding regulations on fare concessions in the city’s public transport.

As is known, everybody can use Riga’s public transport free of charge on  November 18, on December 31, January 31, during Midsummer Day’s festival, as well as during Riga city’s festival in August. Now May 4 will be also on the list.

The draft amendments to the binding regulations, which still have to be approved at the city council’s session, also provide that non-working long-service pensioners will be also able to use Riga’s public transport free of charge, which they could not before. 

The members of the committee also voted for the proposal of the committee’s chairman Vadims Baraņņiks which will grant privileges in public transport to both the parents of a large family, not just to one of them, as it was before. 

V.Baraņņiks: “Today fare concessions are available to one of the parents in a family with 3-5 children. This regulation caused many disputes in cases where one of the parents has already applied for the fare discount, yet the other parent could not receive this discount any more, although both parents have to support their children. This situation had to be solved.  ”

The chairman of the committee also proposed to grant fare discounts to medics who work in Riga municipality’s capita societies at least 20 hours per week. 

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