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Owners of carelessly parked vehicles may have to part with several thousand euros for delaying public transport

“Rīgas satiksme” kindly asks the drivers of private vehicles to pay more attention to the way the cars are parked on the sides of the streets or in parking lots. One carelessly parked car is a concern not only for “Rīgas satiksme”, customers and other drivers, but also for the driver himself. In every situation, when traffic is forcibly stopped and public transport cannot bypass the vehicle, the driver may have to go to court due to the caused losses and part with the amount of the lawsuit money. The consequences of delaying public transport are relevant not only in winter season, but also in summer, when going to the beaches, drivers often do not imagine that public transport will not be able to pass their car.

In the first six months of this year, there were 33 cases when public transport was forced to stop movement along the route. The total sum of the company’s calculated downtime losses for the mentioned period reaches 27 929.23 euro. Out of all recorded cases, one car owner caused a loss of 10 535.99 euro. Looking at the other cases, on average, careless car parking that obstructs public transport would cost each driver 543.54 euro.

The company filed a lawsuit in court with regard to 3 cases. In three other cases, the losses have already been fully compensated, but in 4 cases, the losses of “Rīgas satiksme” were partly covered by the insurer and partly by the guilty party. In 3 more cases, pre-trial proceedings have been initiated and in 3 cases, the State Police is ascertaining the guilty person, while in 17 cases, the circumstances of the case and responsible persons are being clarified.

At the same time, drivers must take into account that for parking a car in violation of the Road Traffic Regulations, the Riga Municipal Police will draw up an administrative offence report, and a tow truck may be called to the scene to move the vehicle.

“Rīgas satiksme” would like to remind that when parking a car, you must make sure that public transport will be able to pass it. If there is a tram running near the place where the car is parked, make sure that the distance of the car from the tram tracks is at least one meter.

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