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Paid parking lot in Vecāķi will resume work

„Rīgas satiksme” reminds that from May 1 until September 30, Riga municipality paid parking lot in Vecāķi will work

Riga municipal paid parking lot in Vecāķi (zone V ) will work from 8:00 until 20:00.

In the territory of zone V, the boundary of which is determined along Pludmales Street, from Mazsalacas Street to Kāpu prospekts, along Kāpu prospekts, from Pludmales Street to Šalkones Street, along Šalkones Street, from Kāpu prospekts to Garciema Street, along Garciema Street, from Šalkones Street to Paceplīša Street , along Paceplīša Street, from Garciema Street to Mazsalacas Street, along Mazsalacas Street, from Paceplīša Street to Pludmales Street, which also includes Pludmales Street from Mazsalacas Street to Mangaļu prospekts, and Mangaļu prospekts from Pludmales Street to the railway, there will be a charge of  2.00 EUR per day for the use of the parking lot. The minimum fee for the use of the paid parking lot in the territory of zone V is 2.00 EUR.

During holidays, including May 1, and traditional holiday time of the city of Riga (Saturday, Sunday of August)

the said paid parking lot in Vecāķi will be available free of charge.

The objective of Riga municipal paid parking lots is to optimize the organisation of traffic, arrange the flow of light vehicles and their parking so that all residents and visitors of Riga can drive closer to the objects of interest and park their cars in specially designated places.

More information about the services offered by “Rīgas satiksme”, route lists, ticket types and other news can be obtained on the website or in social networks “twitter”, “facebook”.

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