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Paper one-month tickets will be valid in March and April

Starting from March 1, the electronic payment system will be gradually introduced in Riga public transport. During the transition period, in March and April, the old-type paper one-month tickets will be valid, and one-time tickets for tram and trolleybus will be also on sale until March 31.

Starting from mid-March, those residents having applied in advance will start receiving their personalised e-tickets by e-mail. E-tickets will be gradually sent out to various groups of passengers. After receiving the e-tickets, residents will be able to go to trade outlets and load one-month tickets into their e-tickets after paying the same price as before. Before receiving e-tickets by mail, residents are asked to buy paper one-month tickets, which will be available for March and April.

One-time tickets for tram and trolleybus for 40 santims will be on sale until March 31. The sale of cardboard smart tickets for 5, 10 and 20 trips is scheduled to start by March 20.

It should be reminded that passengers will be able to buy one trip for 40 santims after becoming the users of non-personalised or personalised e-tickets or smart cards. Non-personalized e-tickets will be on sale after March 20.

The existing one-time tickets will not be valid as of May 1.

In buses, passengers will be able to buy tickets from conductors until March 31, like before, but from April 1 smart tickets will be introduced.

The electronic payment system in public transport will be introduced gradually for various groups of passengers who will start using e-tickets – smart tickets and smart cards step by step. Passengers enjoying 100% fare discount in public transport, granted by the municipality, including pensioners above the age of 75, victims of political repressions, parents of families with 6 and more children, will be the first to receive and start using the tickets. The same applies to pupils of the 1st–4th forms, who will receive e-tickets at their schools. The above groups of passengers will start registration of trips as of April 1.

Early in April e-tickets will be sent out to non-working pensioners under the age of 75 years, liquidators of the nuclear disaster consequences at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, disabled persons of 3rd group with vision and hearing problems, who will be able to start registration of their trips on April 25.

After April 15 personalized e-tickets will be issued to pupils of the 5th– 12th forms, students and pupils of vocational training institutions. They will start using e-tickets from May 1.

Residents having not applied for personalised e-tickets shall submit a filled form, which can be printed out from "Rīgas satiksme’s" web-site, or fill the form at Brīvības street 191, and receive their e-tickets by mail in 2 weeks time. 

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