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Passengers in public transport will be encouraged to evaluate the need for each trip

As of today, March 22, a call will sound to passengers in public transport to evaluate the need for each trip. To reduce the risk of the spreading of virus COVID 19, everybody must be involved, so it is important that people have as little social contacts as possible and would use public transport in emergency situations only when it is reallynecessary.

Those clients having returned from abroad in the last 14 days are urged to observe the quarantine set in Latvia and not to use public transport. Let us be responsible and take care not only of our health, but also of the health of people around us.

“Rīgas satiksme” thanks everybody who observes the emergency situation and moves as little as possible. We also thank everybody and particularly medical staff, who are working selflessly to reduce the further spreading of the virus. 

To communicate with «Rīgas satiksme», please use our hotline 20361862 or email to You can also contact us on our website at, section «Contact us» («Sazinies ar mums»), where everybody can submit his/her application.

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