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Public transport ticket prices to change

Starting from January 1, 2010, the price of one trip in "Rīgas satiksme" public transport will be 50 santims. The prices of the tickets, to which the discounts set by Riga municipality apply, will not change, but those of other tickets, including  tickets for a certain amount of trips, limited time and one-month tickets, will be increased.

"Rīgas satiksme" calls on its customers to plan buying tickets, bearing in mind that the new tariffs will take effect on January 1, 2010. For passengers’ comfort, the company will set a transitional period until the end of February, during which unused old-tariff tickets will be also valid. Customers willing to get their money back will have to present the check confirming the purchase of the ticket. Unused tickets will be compensated 100% until March 1 only. After March 1, tickets will be compensated at 90 %, or, if the ticket is already used, at 75 % of the remaining value.

To learn more about the new prices, please visit or call  80001919, 1188.

Like before, it will be still more advantageous to buy 10 or 20 trips at once. For example, when buying a ticket for 20 trips, you will pay 45 santims per trip instead of 50 santims. The price of 24-hour ticket will increase by 40 santims only – from LVL 1.50 to LVL 1.90.

As of January 1, a ticket bought from the vehicle driver will cost you 70 santims.

The price of ticket for five trips will be LVL 2.50, for ten trips – LVL 4.75, but 20 trips will cost you LVL 9.00.

One-month ticket for one route will cost LVL 19.50 for all days of the month, LVL 14.20 for workdays only, but the price of 5-day ticket will be LVL 4.20. The price of one-month ticket for all routes of one type of public transport will be LVL 29.10 for all days, LVL 22.00 for workdays. The price of ticket for five workdays will be LVL 6.00.

The price of one-month ticket for two types of public transport, all days, will be Ls 35.60, for workdays it will cost you LVL 26.40, for workdays – LVL 7.00.

The price of one-month ticket for all types of public transport, all days, will be LVL 45.90, for workdays – LVL 34.40. A universal ticket for workdays will cost you  LVL 9.50, for three days – LVL 5.70, and a 24-hour ticket – LVL 1.90

"Rīgas satiksme" reminds that the following groups of passengers are entitled to fare discounts[1]: schoolchildren, students, non-working age pensioners, disabled persons of the 3rd group with vision and hearing disorders, participants of the elimination of the consequences of the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, one of the parents of a large family, policemen, as well as teachers of Riga municipal schools. To apply for discount, you have to be the holder of a personalised e-ticket, visit one of "Rīgas satiksme" customer service centres, having with you documents proving your right to the discount, as well as an identity document. If you have no personalised e-ticket, you can get it at any of our customer service centres.

[1] Further information about fare discounts and to whom they apply:

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