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Retro tram’s route to be extended to Ausekļa Street as of June 1

Retro tram’s route to be extended to Ausekļa Street as of June 1
"Rīgas satiksme" informs about extending the Retro tram’s route. As of June 1, the Retro tram will be running by route Ausekļa Street – Mežaparks. Changes are made in order to make the old tram more available to Riga residents and guests. The extended route will include two of Riga’s most beautiful boulevards - Meierovica Boulevard and Aspazijas Boulevard, with magnificent views of the National Opera, Freedom Monument, Old Riga, Basteja hill, National Theatre. The tram will also bring Riga guests very close to the passenger terminal in Riga sea port.

"Rīgas satiksme" has agreed with Riga Zoo that those having presented a Retro tram ticket in the ticket office of Riga Zoo will get 1 lats discount on the basic price of Riga Zoo ticket (discounts will not be summed up).

As we informed earlier, from May 18 till September 30 the Retro tram again runs in Riga streets on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and festive days. Thus, this summer "Rīgas satiksme" will be again offering Riga residents and guests to enjoy a trip in a 1901 model tram.

The tram stops at all stops. Tickets are sold by the driver and will be valid until the route terminal. The price of one trip for adults is LVL 1.00, for schoolchildren and full-time students (upon producing a valid certificate) it is LVL 0.50 LVL. Children until the age of 7 years, orphans until the age of 18 years (upon presenting orphan’s certificate), as well as disabled persons of groups 1 and 2, disabled persons until the age of 18 years, persons accompanying a disabled person of group 1 of a disabled person until the age of 18 years (upon presenting a disabled person’s certificate) can use the tram free of charge. The rental of the tram is LVL 60.00 per hour (including VAT).

The Retro tram is a small tram car which stands out against the modern urban environment and is remarkable for its Art Nouveau design. The Retro tram has 18 seats and 10 places for standing.

Departure times of the Retro tram as of June 1, 2012:


Departure times

Ausekļa Street – Radio Street – Mežaparks (Fridays)

12:50; 14:20; 15:50; 17:20; 18:53; 20:40


Ausekļa Street – Radio Street – Mežaparks (holidays, festive days)

10:00; 11:50; 13:20; 14:50; 16:20; 17:50

Mežaparks – Ausekļa Street  (Fridays)

13:40; 15:10; 16:40; 18:15; 20:00; 21:30

Mežaparks – Ausekļa Street (holidays, festive days)

11:10; 12:40; 14:10; 15:40; 17:09; 18:55

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