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Riga public transport will reduce the price of monthly tickets and change the range of tickets

To encourage passengers to use public transport regularly, monthly ticket prices will be significantly reduced from 31 December 2022 and will now cost EUR 30 per month for all public transport types instead of the current EUR 50. A new type of ticket, the 90-minute ticket, will also be introduced from 31 December 2022, priced at EUR 1.50 for all passengers, replacing the existing one-trip and one-hour tickets. The planned changes will also simplify the range of tickets. Passengers who travel for free on public transport will still not have to pay for their tickets after 31 December 2022, while passengers who have a partial discount from the Riga City Council (e.g. students, teachers, etc.) will be able to buy a monthly ticket for all transport types at a 50% discount from 31 December 2022, i.e. for EUR 15 instead of the current EUR 16. From 31 December 2022, working old-age pensioners will be able to travel for free on Riga's public transport.

Monthly tickets

From 31 December 2022, the monthly ticket price per all transport types will be significantly reduced for all days of the month, to EUR 30 instead of the current EUR 50. Monthly tickets for business days for EUR 40, for one bus, trolleybus or tram route for all days for EUR 35 and for business days for EUR 30 will no longer be on sale.

Passengers who benefit from partial discounts granted by Riga City Council – employees of Riga's medical institutions, students, teachers, social workers, parents of large families and working old-age pensioners – will be able to buy a monthly ticket for all transport types for all days of the month at a 50% discount, i.e. for EUR 15.

Time tickets

With the change in the range of tickets, 90-minute tickets will be available for all passengers from 31 December 2022 at a price of EUR 1.50. The price of a 90-minute ticket will be the same for Riga resident’s card holders and those who do not have this card.

A 24-hour ticket will continue to be available at the same price of EUR 5 as before. A three-day ticket will also be available for EUR 8 and a 5-day ticket for EUR 10.

One-trip tickets

Only on bus route No. 22 it will be possible to buy trip tickets from the transport vehicle driver, and as it was before, payment for the ticket can be made with a bank payment card only. The ticket will be priced at the cost of one trip – EUR 2.

Transition period

All tickets purchased before 31 December 2022 will be valid for 60 days. Unused tickets can be returned to Rīgas satiksme within 12 months of purchase and 100% of the unused period will be refunded.

There are currently 135 different ticket types in the system and many of them are used by a small number of passengers, e.g. 5 tickets for 24 hours on all routes, usable for 15 days, priced at EUR 25 are purchased by only 0.01% of all passengers, while administering this range of tickets is very complex and requires a lot of financial resources.

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