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Riga’s low-floor tram displayed at international show in Berlin

On September 21-24 Berlin hosts the world’s largest show of the latest rail transport models and technologies, "Inno Trans 2010", where a new low-floor tram will be exhibited before being delivered to Riga. It has been sent to the show by its manufacturer, "Škoda Transportation".

„Riga’s new low-floor tram is a new generation vehicle whose concept, design and technical features meet the demands set in the 21st century by passengers in a large city,” says Tomašs Krseks, director general of "Škoda Transportation".

The new low-floor tram is based on a number of original technological solutions, which not only increase passengers’ comfort and safety, but also allow sparing the resources and time necessary for the tram maintenance. In the process of manufacturing the new tram, "Škoda Transportation" used but certified materials that meet today’s environment standards.

Since the first Inno Trans show held back in 1996, this show of rail vehicles and technologies has been the most important event for the whole industry worldwide. In 2008 it was visited by more than 100 000 guests and displayed nearly 2000 exhibits from 41 countries, which occupied all the pavilions of the show and 3.5 km of rail tracks.

The list of participants of "Inno Trans 2010" include globally known companies like "Deutsche Bahn" (Germany), "ÖBB" (Austria), "SBB" (Switzerland) and "SNCF" (France), as well as "Infrabel" (Belgium), "PKP" (Poland) and "RZhD" (Russia). Riga’s new low-floor tram will be on display at the "Škoda Transportation" stand.

It shall be reminded that by the end of January 2011 "Škoda Transportation" will deliver to Riga 20 new trams, of which eight will be received until the end of October, this year. The trams are being delivered according to the schedule. 

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