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Rīgas satiksme has reached an agreement with Škoda Electric on completion of the trolleybus deliveries

Rīgas satiksme has reached an agreement with Škoda Electric on the conditions for completing the agreement on trolley bus deliveries that was reached in 2013. By involving technical staff and external experts from both sides, a common position was reached on the conditions for the completion of the contract.According to the agreement, the delivery of 48 trolleybuses to Rīgas satiksme will be completed by June 2020.

Rīgas satiksme recalls that a contract for the delivery of trolley bus Škoda 27Tr was signed in 2013. The contract was executed on the basis of orders made under the contract for individual trolley bus delivery lots. Two batches of trolleybus deliveries were completed by June 2016 and 50 trolley buses were put into service. As part of the third delivery, two trolleybuses were put into service in 2018 and after the agreement was reached, 3 trolley buses were also put into service. Work has already begun on the preparation of 5 trolleybuses for entry into service. The other 40 trolleybuses will be delivered gradually by June 2020.

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