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Schedules of some tram routes to change as of June 5

„Rīgas satiksme” informs about changing some tram schedules and opening new tram route No.1 „Imanta - Jugla” as of June 5.

The following changes in public transport traffic will take effect on June 5:

  • New tram route No. 1 „Imanta - Jugla” will be launched to run on working days and holidays.
  • Tram  route No 11 will be extended to Ausekļa Street and will be named „Ausekļa Street – Mežaparks”.
    See the working day schedule of this route here and the holiday schedule here.
  • There will be a new schedule of tram route No. 3„Jugla – Ķengarags” on working days. When going from Jugla to Ķengarags, the tram will go along Krišjāņa Barona Street, Radio Street, 13th January Street, Prāgas Street and further by the route. Stop „Aspazijas Boulevard” will be replaced by stop „Railway Terminal Square”. There will be no changes in the direction of Jugla.
  • The schedules of tram No. 4 will be changed on working days and holidays.
  • The schedules of tram No. 6 will be changed on working days and holidays.
  • Tram route  No. 10 will be served by tram depot No. 3, and its schedules will be changed for workdays and holidays.

We also inform that monthly tickets for one route, registered until June 5 for the first time on tram routes No. 4 and 6, will be valid on tram route No. 1 without registration until the monthly ticket’s expiry date.The latest information about the changes will be available at tram stops before the changes take effect.
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