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Shadow Day at “Rīgas satiksme”

13 pupils visited “Rīgas satiksme” on February 15 to learn more about urban public transport and also to act as „shadows” of representatives of different professions working in the company.

The “Shadow Day” started at the administrative building with a presentation telling about the company’s history, its goals and the wide scope of operations. Then followed a guided tour of the bus depot No. 7, during which pupils could see the process of preparing rolling stock, after which the usual shadowing of the staff started.

Alekss Čeksters (1st form) applied for shadowing a bus driver, which he sees as a very important and interesting profession, so, when Alekss grows up, he will also become a bus driver. Meanwhile Rio Rubcovs (8th form) will be a shadow of a traffic controller, as he wants to see what traffic controllers do and how public transport is supervised.

Not only boys, but also girls take interest in driving a public transport vehicle. For example, Emīlija Greibuse (1st form) chose today to be a shadow of a bus driver.

The career education event of “Shadow Day” has become a yearly tradition. The highest interest is for driver’s profession: pupils want to take driver’s seat and feel how easy or difficult it is to drive a big vehicle. This year bus drivers had four „shadows”, trolleybus drivers – three „shadows”, tram drivers – three „shadows, ticket inspectors – two „shadows”, and traffic controllers – one „shadow”.  

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